Thanks to All of Our Amazing Students for 13 Great Years! 
We will miss you all as we continue our adventures in Arizona!

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POSTED ON 2/09/13----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“A Black Belt is just a White belt who never quit!"

On January 22nd, the academy celebrated only the 5th ever student to become a Black Belt! Congrats goes out to Kim Tisdale for being such a long time student (12 years!) and showing that if you dedicate yourself and just keep suiting up and showing up, that the big day will come. Thanks to all of the students, family, and friends that came to participate in the ceremony. Your shared sentiments for the academy and for Kim's great achievement will be remembered forever. Way to go Kim!

Kim's First Knot with Black Belt

Sifu & Kim

Kim & Black Belt Ceremony Guests

POSTED ON 2/5/13-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Great News!  I have found a new school owner to take over the academy on March 1st.  Alot of the programs will stay the same and there will be some new programs offered.  I'll have more details in the near future, but just wanted to give everyone the good news!

 POSTED ON 1/28/13----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure ”
- Joseph Campbell

Dear Students,

On April 15th, 2000 I jumped on one of my dreams and opened the doors of the Modern Martial Arts Academy in Wallingford. Most people don’t know this, but the first two students were my housemates at the time (Ryan & Eric) that I cajoled into working out with me to help get something going at this new academy. So that night we cranked up the music, starting punching the bags and I opened that front door with an optimistic anticipation that
my “tribe” would find me -- and you did!

And now 13 years later, it is with mixed feelings that I have to let you all know it is time for the next adventure in my life and that will mean moving to Arizona with my wife, MaryAnn, to be closer to her family, the sun and small city living.

Although I feel this is the right decision for us, I regret that it impacts so many of you who have made this academy your home. Many of you have supported the academy for many years, and some have been here for just a few weeks, but to all of you I just want to say thank you for letting me live out one of my dreams!

So as we make this transition, there are a lot of questions that will be answered in the next few weeks and I will keep you posted via the facebook page: 

All of the classes will continue as normal throughout the month of February. I am currently talking with other school owners about taking over the spot and ideally I hope to find someone that teaches similar programs. If I’m not able to find someone to take over, I will have recommendations of other places to continue your training. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

All the best,



Modern Martial Arts Academy:  4501 Interlake Ave. N. #6  --  Seattle, WA --  98103  (206) 547-2030

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